I was nearly half way through my career when events conspired to persuade me that any quality I was achieving on my projects was by luck and intuition.  I resolved to do better and I am still figuring! My latest investigations have resulted in the Four Factor Model, and because it has been derived from an analysis of the essence of project quality, I think it shows promise.

Complex and expensive top-down approaches such as SEI CMM, ISO, TQM, and other half-remembered TLAs linger on like the undead, with the possible exception of Six Sigma.  These, sadly, have actually disempowered the PM, and today 85% of projects are disconnected from a meaningful quality environment.

My proposition is to come at this a different way, with a committed PM promoting project quality fundamentals. The quality conversation is structured around a basic model, inherent to project work, completely under the control of the PM. This model will promote four outcomes: users will reveal their quality objectives; the conditions for high quality project transactions will be established; the components of quality work will be identified; and finally, a sensible definition of project quality will facilitate trade-off decisions taken in conjunction with the sponsor.