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TMI is a project management services company founded by long-time project manager and consultant Robin Hornby in 1997. The company specializes in diagnosing projects in trouble, creating the conditions for project success, and training project managers. The TMI Profile will tell you more.

o The latest news at TMI is our contract with Routledge Publishing in England to publish our third book Commercial Project Management - a guide to buying and selling professional services. This is a major rewrite and restructure of Projects for Profit with much new material. As you can imagine I am delighted about this and looking forward to the print date in April 2017. I was also back at ProjectWorld Vancouver in the fall to present a new topic, The Rise and Fall of Quality. This was a preliminary assessment of my continuing work into the real drivers of project quality, and you’re right, it’s not ISO9000! Check my new page on the subject.

For a lighter read, take a look at our earlier work Ten Commandments of Project Management: A brief guide to the art of righteous project management. Using the analogy of the Ten Commandments, we distill successful management behaviours into ten nuggets of advice, illustrated by real project situations. Find more in Publications and click Buy a Book.

o Services offered by TMI, including opportunities for engaging Robin as a keynote speaker or seminar leader, are described on the Training Services page and the Consulting Services page.

o In Downloads and Links you can find videos, book samples, access Robin’s current resume, some popular presentations and articles, and links we think you may find of interest.


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